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Exhibition On Display in MK

The exhibition ‘Second-hand Wings’ is now on display in Midsummer Place on FringeMK:Westbury‘s Project Space 1 (which is located between GAP & Hollister)

Below are a selection of the works that are on display until Tuesday 10th of April 2012 and some information about the exhibition.

Lauren is a painter and photographer. In the past she has often produced work in which the subject matter has been autobiographical, exploring the perception of time using medical scans, x-rays and data, as well as a body of work based on water and other elemental forces.
Her painting practice has a strong emphasis on process; dripping, pouring and layering paint, manipulating it in other ways as well as with a paintbrush to create the interwoven painted details and forms. 
This exhibition marks the beginning of a new series of work, which draws on flora and fauna as inspiration, in particular focusing on creatures with wings, especially birds. 
Lauren is interested in the feeling of freedom which flight can evoke, the letting go, leaving everything behind without a care in the world. 
Humans can walk, run and swim… but cannot fly without assistance of some kind. It is the apparent ‘lack of gravity’ that makes flight special and even with all the technology, it is something that is just beyond our fingertips.

The Gallery section of the website will be updated as soon as possible with the new works… so please do keep an eye out.

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